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Useful Tidbits

Useful Links

Links to external websites, or the use of trade, firm, corporation or organization names within this website is for the convenience of the user.  Such use does not constitute an official endorsement or approval by Profile Services of any website, product or service.

Link to ASME ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers
An excellent source for mechanical engineering standards and technology certifications, including GDTP-S.

Jim Sykes, P.Eng, GDTP-S is certified at the Senior Level for ASME Y14.5M-1994.

Hyperlink to PEO Website PEO - The Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario
PEO is the regulatory body of the profession in Ontario, Canada.

Profile Services holds a Certificate of Authorization from PEO, authorizing us to provide Professional Engineering Services.

Jim Sykes, P.Eng, GDTP-S is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario, Canada.

Link to the ISBT ISBT - International Society of Beverage Technologists
An industry association focused on the generation and dissemination of technologies relating to beverages. ... a very useful site
The original public domain, free access collection of voluntary standard bottle thread finishes for the beverage industry. This site was originally started on behalf of the ISBT, and was transferred to the CMA in 2005 to allow the addition of non-beverage thread finishes.

Link to the CMA CMA - The Closure Manufacturers' Association
This site provides free access to industry-standard bottle finishes and other resources.

A preferred supplier of GD&T training
Tec-Ease, Inc.
Tec-Ease provided most of Jim Sykes' training in GD&T.

Check out their GD&T Tip-Of-The-Month collection.

Useful Questions Submitted & Ansered by Industry Engineering Fundamentals Online Link to the US Patent Office Link to the Canadian Patent Office
Engineering Tips Forum
Engineering Fundamentals
US Patents
Canadian Patents