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Available Services

Learn How Profile Services Can Help Your New Product Development

Product Development

New product design, CAD, reverse-engineering, and more services to help you succeed, whether on a project or as strategic reserve capacity.

External facilitation of an in-house brainstorming session can focus your team's efforts and provide new insights and inputs to help your new developments to a more successful future.

What is GD&T? Why Should You Care?

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T)

An outline of why GD&T may be of use to you, and what services Profile Services can provide.

Good Documentation Improves Your Image


Technical writing, project reports, marketing graphics and materials, technical illustration, intellectual property protection, and more services to support your success.

Need To Have Some Work Checked? Click Here

Engineering Reviews

External audit services can provide you with an unbiased view of your design standards, processes and results.

Independent reviews can prevent engineering mistakes from entering the manufacturing stream, where the costs escalate quickly.

As a professional engineering service, we recognize the need for a discreet and professional approach which respects the individuals and teams involved.

Profile Services Can Help Lead Your Project to Success

Project Management

You may have a project or product that goes beyond your abilities or resources. Or, you may want an intermediary to advance your enterprise without your direct identification or participation. We can provide the services that will get you from A to Z with as much recognition or anonymity as you want.

So, What Has Profile Services Done For Others?

Sample Work

View some of our work in development, documentation and GD&T.