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About Profile Services

Company Overview - Profile Services

Profile Services provides Support Services for engineering, manufacturing and quality to various industry sectors.

While a corporate resource providing product development and engineering support to design, in-house manufacturing, external suppliers, clients and industry, Jim Sykes recognized that the need for reliable, knowledgeable engineering support was a critical issue for mid- and small-size engineering and manufacturing enterprises.

Why Is Profile Services Needed?

So, if it's so critical, why don't these businesses already have the support resources they need? Basically, it's a perception of need, economics of permanent vs contract resources, and diversity of services.
The first problem is that many of these enterprises don't recognize the need for an external support resource. They rely on their clients' resources, or they might stretch the internal resources they have. They may not foresee the benefits of expert knowledge in minimizing scrap, rework, and lost opportunities. A poor understanding and implementation of GD&T is a good example of this; doing it right can improve your processes, minimize rework, and get you into new markets.
Next, small- and mid-sized businesses may not need, and can't justify, a full-time engineering support resource. Contracting a specialist resource provides the right knowledge at the right time.
Finally, these enterprises may need a variety of support services at different times; CAD design, documentation, print-reading training, GD&T training and support, fixture design, and a host of others on a project or longer-term basis. These businesses need to be able to access these resources both as an internal-development resource, and as an on-call asset.

How Can Profile Services Help?

Profile Services can provide experienced, professional support through a variety of services. Through internal and contracted resources, we can provide on-site and off-site support for Product Development, CAD/A/E (Computer Aided Design/Analysis/Engineering), Technical Writing, Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T), Project Management, and Prototyping.

How Can Profile Services Help New Innovators and Inventors?

New Innovators and Inventors often don't know what they need. They have a fuzzy idea of what they want to create, but are overwhelmed by what they don't know. Too often that's as far as they get because they don't know how to proceed. They let the idea slip away and someone else introduces their product instead.

Profile Services can prepare a development plan, help you to focus your idea to a producible product, and develop the product design. We can provide the documentation needed for patent applications and trademark registrations, and help you prepare marketing materials for use in obtaining venture financing and selling your ideas. When you need physical samples, we can arrange prototyping by a variety of methods including Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), Stereolithography (STL), molding and machining, whatever is needed and appropriate to the product. And when you decide to go into production, we can help you source the suppliers you will need.